Child Care Classes

Ever wondered what your child will be doing all day?

Typically, a day includes lots of fun activities for growth and exploration. Your little one might spend time playing, riding a tricycle, digging, or painting. And of course, there’s reading, music, and games. A special surprise could be a visit from you! We encourage parents to come and eat with the kids, share a skill or hobby, or even join us on an outing.

We lay special emphasis on sharing and emotional expression. When a new child joins, we assign a “buddy” from the same class to make him or her feel welcome - and less intimidated. It also helps them get familiar with the surroundings – including fellow classmates – and learn the ropes quickly. Equally importantly, it teaches leadership skills and prepares children for grade school.

Class Size

Kindergarten Prep currently has two teachers per classroom. Our teacher to student ratio differs with each age group:

Infants 1:4 8
1’s 1:5 10
2’s 1:6 12
3’s 1:9 18
4/5’s 1:10 20

Teachers & Caregivers

We work very hard to attract and retain the best talent to take care of your children. Each staff member goes through careful screening – and is selected on the basis of overall competence with regard to education, skills, experience, and child rapport.

Many of our teachers have been with us from the time we started, and have their Childhood Development Associates (CDA) and Directors Credentials. We are proud to say that the children at Kindergarten Prep share an excellent rapport with our staff.

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